The Relief Team was started when God laid it on our hearts to help those in South Texas effected by Hurricane Harvey. Since the devastation, we have been sending volunteers and resources to South Texas to help with the clean-up effort, as well as restoring homes of people displaced by the storm.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

We completely restored a home for a single mom with 6 children. She had no running water or electricity. The conditions were so bad that the state was going to take her children, but through our relief efforts she was able to move back into her home and keep her children.

We also restored the home of a single mother whose husband died one week before the hurricane. She and her 11-year old autistic daughter were homeless and without hope, but now they are back living in their home. 

Our team has a strong commitment to continue to be a steadfast source of relief for the thousands of families still living in ruin in South Texas. The relief efforts are far from over and we are committed to stay the course and continue to rebuild this community of strong Texans.

Local Efforts

From the work we have done in South Texas, our efforts have expanded to help in the North Texas area as well. Within a ten-mile radius of our location, there are 10,000 children on state assistance for free/reduced lunch program. These families take part in Help Out’s weekly Food Pantry which serves about 150 families per week. These families are living in some very poor, dilapidated conditions. Our goal is to go into these areas and help families get back on their feet by completing the home repair and construction work they cannot even begin to afford to do themselves. By helping in this way, families will be able to spend the little money they do have on bettering their lives with jobs and education.